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The Open Source Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
  Default Assignee Default QA Contact
Biophotonics Sebastian Wirkert
Everything related to biophotonics support
BlueBerry Stefan Kislinskiy
User interface classes of the BlueBerry workbench
Build system Stefan Kislinskiy
Building MITK, CMake files etc.
Core Stefan Kislinskiy
Everything related to the classes in the Core/Code directory
CoreApp Plugins Jasmin Metzger
Problems related to the core application.
CoreUI Jasmin Metzger
Everything related to the classes in the CoreUI directory.
Diffusion Imaging Jan Hering
Diffusion Imaging application, modules and bundles.
Documentation Caspar Jonas Goch
Everything related to Documentation
IGT Alfred Franz
The Image Guided Therapy module and associated plugins
Measurement & Statistics Stefan Kislinskiy
Everything concerning the Measurement bundle
Modules Caspar Jonas Goch
Everything that is in Modules and not covered by other components like Plugins, IGT, Diffusion Imaging etc.
Other Stefan Kislinskiy
If no other component fits or you're unsure where the bug belongs to put it here.
Python Wrapping Eric Heim
Everything that is related to the MITK Python Wrapping process
QtWidgetModules Stefan Kislinskiy
Everything in QtWidgets and QtWidgetsExt
Rendering Christoph Kolb
everything related to the rendering subsystem of MITK (mappers, renderers, renderwindows,...)
Segmentation Jasmin Metzger
The application module/plugin org.mitk.gui.qt.segmentation
ToF Alexander Seitel
Time of Flight support modules
Workbench Plugins Jasmin Metzger
everything that is a general problem of the Workbench and its plugins and not covered by other components